Hi! My name is Monica and I’m the baker and writer behind BakeNoir.com. I used to dream about growing my own fruit and vegetables, but it turned out I couldn’t garden to save my life. I’ve just started yet another gardening project on my balcony, so fingers crossed it works this time. I’m obsessed with everything old, vintage and retro, including furniture, kitchen equipment, music and films (hence the name BakeNoir).

The two things I love most are food and photography. I honestly can’t say which gives me more pleasure. With my camera in one hand and a fork in another, I’m as happy as a pig in peach orchard. I’m nuts about cheese, red wine, lemons & thyme, chilies, strawberries, caramel and chocolate, though not necessarily all at once. I despise dates and soggy french fries. Other than that I’m not particularly picky and will try anything at least once.

About BakeNoir.com

Despite the blog’s name, I don’t just bake, although I wouldn’t mind living solely off rich and buttery pastry or scrumptious cakes. Eating that much sweets is apparently not very good for you, so I try to incorporate fruit, veggies, grains and bunch of other healthy stuff in my diet too. Most of the time I cook healthy, nutritious and light meals. I use fresh organic products whenever I can and generally avoid fried food, except doughnuts, of course. I usually reduce the amounts of sugar and butter in my sweet recipes as well, and try to keep them as guilt free as I can. Yes, I am aware that desserts can’t really be guilt free. I’m just trying to make myself feel better when I indulge in sweets. Just humor me, please.
What you’ll find here is a variety of sweet and savory recipes, from nutritious soups and simple salads, through comfort food and meals that were stepped up a bit, to all kinds of simple and elaborate desserts, cakes and sweets. I will also present some traditional Croatian recipes, ingredients and customs. I don’t do extremely rich meals, fried food or junk food in general. I much rather go out when I feel like eating junk. That happens exactly four times a year, just in case you’re wondering. That way my house doesn’t reek of hot oil and fries. The food you’ll find on this site is all home cooked and barely tweaked before being shot.

BakeNoir.com is a celebration of good food, not only as one of life’s ultimate pleasures, but also as a chief motif in my photography – a place where food meets art.